South Senegal Safari

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South Senegal Safari

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This trip will take you to the Southern part of Senegal, Casamance. In a 4 wheel drive truck we will explore the beautiful nature. After passing the boarder you will drive to the river side with it’s jungly mangroves, where you will go and sail through the creeks. You will see Bird Island with its amazing variety of birds and you will sail the the Island of Kailo, where the inhabitants worship gods and grow Kannabis. You will have a walk through the kannabis field. After this visit you will sail back to the main land and visit Abene, where you will have lunch and you will walk around the village and see an enormous tree, where the women worship the gods. Drumming and dance will make you feel you are really in Africa. The way back to Gambia you will drive through a jungle area which is called the smogglers route. Via Darsilam you will enter Gambia again and you will reach back to your hotel around 6 pm. A very adentureous day!!!

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