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The Fathala Game Park is located at 12 kms of the north of The Gambian / Senegalese boarder to Senegal.

In the early morning, we will drive you from your hotel to drive to Banjul, the Capital City to join the ferry to cross on the river Gambia to Barra in the North Bank division of the river. There are wonderful things to see on the ferry such as the hustle and bustle with the local people. After about an hour sailing on board of the ferry, and upon arriving at Barra, we continue our journey on road. Before reaching Amdalaye/Karang–Gambian/Senegalese Borders for passport formalities, you will see numberous villages and the local people doing one thing or the other. We then enter Senegal and drive for approx 30 minutes to reach the Fathala Park. In Fathala, a 4 x 4 ex- army truck will drive us for 2 hours safari in the park In the reserve, you can enjoy the natural environment of the bush and, get the chance to spot animals as zebras, rhinoceros, giraffes, monkeys and other species of animals After that, you will enjoy a nice packed lunch and drink before departing back to the boarder to catch the ferry to back to Banjul

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