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FULL NAME: Bakary.

My name is Baks. I was born and raised in a village named Nyofelleh, in the Southern part of Gambia, about 15 km from the Senegalese border.
This is where I also went to school, and I created an interest for history and nature. After I finished school, I worked in a few different hotels, but my interest for history and nature brought me to become a Tour Guide. I love doing this job, so I can tell about the Gambian history and I am able to show Gambia’s beautiful nature. My passion in my job has become Bird Watching. I have guided a lot of Bird Watchers around the country in search of the many different species of Birds we have in this country.

Currently I am learning to speak the Dutch language. It will help me a lot in my job, as next to the British Tourists, there are also a lot of Dutch Tourists who are visiting the Gambia, and with that I can speak a little bit of Dutch with the Dutch Tourists.

Hope you will join me on one of my beautiful Bird Watching trips!

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