4x4 Drive Adventure

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4 Wheel Drive Adventure

Price: Please WhatsApp +220 746 2467 for more details.

This is a full-day excursion exposing you to South-West Gambia. The means of transport will be a 4x4 vehicle. Departing from your Hotel , we go off the beaten track into the rural areas. Places to be visited will include a school, a compound, a fishing village and a cultural centre. We will make boat trip on the Halahin River, spotting the salt water crocodiles and the beautiful birds. We stop at a site along the Atlantic Sea , close to the Senegales boarder for Lunch. After lunch, you have the chance to relax or swim. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the real Gambia at the same time seeing a totally different way of life. We shall arrive in your Hotel by 18:00 hours

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