Abuko Nature Reserve

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AAround 8 am we leave the hotel and we go up-country. We drive passed Brikama and then we get onto the sandy roads towards Kuloro, a little village, situated near the creeks. When the children will spot you, they will wave and call you "Toubab" with their big smiles.
After a little while we arrive at the riverside, where the women have their vegetable gardens, and from there we will go for a walk into a beautiful forest, where you will see and hear the tropical birds. After this walk, we will then cross the creek in a boat to Baobab Island. The name already tells you that this Island has many amazing Baobab Trees, and you will most probably meet a local Marabout (Witch Doctor) collecting his herbs for his witch/ fortune telling, as Gambians do believe in their magical powers. Will you dare to ask him to foresee your future?
We will also go for a boat trip into the most beautiful creeks you have seen. The peace and tranquility will make you feel relaxed and amazed. After all the sightseeing you will most probably be hungry. In the lodge on the Island we will have our lunch and some time to enjoy the quietness in a relaxed ambiance, before we drive back to the hotel.

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