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Hello, my name is Ramou. I was born in Serrekunda. During my School days, some tourists would come and see our school with a guide, and I found it all so interesting. So, when I finished my school, I decided to become a Tour Guide. This is a very unusual choice, as Tour Guides are normally Male, but I wanted to make a change. Even though I am the only female guide amongst all African Adventure Tours Guides, I am so very happy I made this choice, because I really love this job.

I love to show people my country and make them smile. What better job can I imagine? And with this job I am able to take care of my younger brother’s school fees, as I also want him to succeed in life and be happy in his future job.

I am looking forward to meeting you! Together with all my colleges at African Adventure Tours, we are welcoming you to our amazing country!

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