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Hi, my name is Habib. I was born in the most remote part of Gambia, in a town called Basse, which is over 400 kilometers up country. I grew up in Lamin, and during my childhood I grew in interest to become an actor. After I finished school I acted comedy in English, and after a while a started to act comedy in our local Mandika language. It was a fun time. But, I had one more wish that I wanted to do, and that was to become a Tour Guide.

My love for my beautiful country made me to make this step which I have never regretted. The joy I get out of showing people my country, our different tribes, culture and tradition, next to our beautiful nature, I cannot say in words but when you come on a tour with me, you will understand what I mean. Going on a tour with me will be educative combined with a lot of fun becauseI've been a comedy actor, I know how to make you smile, and I will go that extra mile for that!

My fellow Guides friends at African Adventure Tours and myself are looking forward to meeting you!

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